Module type B0.Def.DEFINED

module type DEFINED = sig .. end
The base module type for defined values.

This module allows to configure how names are handled for a given type.

type t 
The type for defined values.
val def_kind : string
def_kind is an uncapitalized string used in user interface to stand for the kind of defined values.
val def_get : t -> B0.Def.def
def_get v is v's definition.
val def_namespaced : bool
def_namespaced is true iff definition names are namespaced.
val def_name_tty_color : B0.Tty.color
def_name_tty_color is a tty color to render the value's names.
val def_pp_info : t B0.Fmt.t
def_pp_info ppf v is the value field printing function use to derive B0.Def.S.pp_info.