Module B0.Def.Loc

module Loc: sig .. end
Definition locations.


type t = B0.Def.loc 
The type for definition locations.
val none : B0.Def.loc
none locates nothing.
val lib : string -> B0.Def.loc
lib l locates in library l.
val file : B0.Fpath.t -> B0.Def.loc
file f locates in f.
val is_none : B0.Def.loc -> bool
is_none l is true iff l is B0.Def.Loc.none.
val find_file : B0.Def.loc -> B0.Fpath.t option
find_file l is Some f is l is located in f.
val equal : B0.Def.loc -> B0.Def.loc -> bool
equal l0 l1 is true iff l0 and l1 are the same location.
val compare : B0.Def.loc -> B0.Def.loc -> int
compare l0 l1 totally orders l0 and l1.
val pp : B0.Def.loc B0.Fmt.t
pp ppf l prints and unspecified representation of l on ppf.


WARNING. Do not invoke these function they are invoked by driver libraries (e.g. B0_driver).

val set_root : B0.Fpath.t option -> unit
set_root r sets the file source root to r.
val get_root : unit -> B0.Fpath.t option
get_root () is the current file source root.
val set_sub_root : B0.Fpath.t option -> unit
set_sub_root r sets the file source sub root to r.
val get_sub_root : unit -> B0.Fpath.t option
get_sub_root () is the file source sub root.
val set_current : B0.Def.loc -> unit
set_current loc sets the current location of definitions.
val get_current : unit -> B0.Def.loc
get_current () is the current location of definitions.