Module B0.Def

module Def: sig .. end
Named value definitions.

End-user interaction with B0 occurs via unique names representing values which are defined in various description files and libraries.

This modules abstracts the management of these names. It allows to track the location of their definition, guarantee their unicity, index them and, if needed, namespace them via the file system.

WARNING. As a decription library author, need only to use B0.Def.Loc.lib otherwise this module should not be used and especially not by description files, the driver library is in charge of handling this.

FIXME we are exposing more than needed here. Trim that.


type loc 
See B0.Def.Loc.t
module Loc: sig .. end
Definition locations.
module Name: sig .. end
Definition names.
type t 
The type for named definitions.
type def = t 
The type for named definitions (again).
module type DEFINED = sig .. end
The base module type for defined values.
module type S = sig .. end
Named value interface.
module type S_DEF = sig .. end
Like B0.Def.S but with access to underlying B0.Def.def.
module Make: 
functor (V : DEFINED) -> S_DEF with type t = V.t
Make (V) is uniquely named defined values for the type V.t.