Module B0_care

module B0_care: sig .. end
Generic convenience descriptions.

These descriptions are completely generic. Some of them are used to guide and alter the behaviour of the b0 and d0 tools.

File path metadata

TODO Move that to a Fpath submodule.

val exe : bool B0.Meta.Fpath.key
exe indicates the file is executable. This is used by the b0 run command to identify runnable candidates.
type install = [ `Bin
| `Doc
| `Etc
| `Lib
| `Lib_root
| `Libexec
| `Libexec_root
| `Man
| `Misc
| `Other of B0.Fpath.t
| `Sbin
| `Share
| `Share_root
| `Stublibs ] * B0.Fpath.t option
The type for installs. A destination and an optional relative file path in the destination. If unspecified the file is installed at the root with the same file name of the source.
val install : install B0.Meta.Fpath.key
install indicates the file is installable at the given install specification.
val dist : bool B0.Meta.Fpath.key
dist indicates that a built file generated in the hierarchy rooted at should be kept for distribution.

Unit metadata

module Unit: sig .. end
Unit metadata.

Operating system information

module OS: sig .. end
Build and host operating system information.