Module B0_github.Issue

module Issue: sig .. end
Repository issues.


type num = int 
The type for issue numbers.
type uri = string 
The type for uris.
type t 
The type for issues.
val number : t -> num
number i is the issue's number.
val title : t -> string
title i is the issue's title.
val body : t -> string
body t is the issue's body.
val url : t -> string
url i is the issue's url.
val pp : t B0.Fmt.t
pp is a formatter for issues.
val pp_short : t B0.Fmt.t
pp_short is a short formatter for issues.
val list : B0_github.auth ->
B0_github.Repo.t -> (int * t list) B0.result
list auth repo lists the issues for repository repo. The integer is the total number of issues.


val create : B0_github.auth ->
B0_github.Repo.t ->
title:string ->
body:string -> unit -> (num * uri) B0.result
create auth repo opens an issue on the repository repo with the given title and body.
val close : B0_github.auth ->
B0_github.Repo.t ->
num -> (num * uri) B0.result
close auth repo n closes issues n on the repository repo