Module B0_github.Repo

module Repo: sig .. end
GitHub repositories.

type t 
The type for GitHub repositories.
val v : owner:string -> string -> t
repo ~owner name identifiers a GitHub repository.
val owner : t -> string
owner r is r's owner.
val name : t -> string
name r is r's name.
val req_json_v3 : ?headers:B0_http.headers ->
B0_github.auth ->
t ->
path:string -> B0_http.meth -> B0_github.v3_body -> B0_json.t B0.result
req_json_v3 is like B0_github.Repo.req_json_v3 but performs given the root subpath on the given repo.
val query_v4 : B0_github.auth -> t -> string -> B0_json.t B0.result
query_v4 auth r q performs the subgraph query q on repo r using authentication auth.