Module B0_ocaml

module B0_ocaml: sig .. end
B0 support for the OCaml programming language.

Obviously not ready for the real world but is able to compile b0 and its library structure (which includes C stubs).

Showcases using the build unit metadata system to perform library lookup inside the source tree with fallback to the environment via ocamlfind if the library is absent from the source tree.

Note. In what follows we use the term module for what is really compilation units.


Toolchain and build configuration

module Tool: sig .. end
OCaml tools.
module Key: sig .. end
Configuration keys
type conf 
The type for OCaml build configuration.
val conf : B0.Build.t -> conf
ctx b is an OCaml configuration derived from the build configuration.
module Conf: sig .. end
OCaml build configuration.
module Lib: sig .. end
OCaml library lookup.

Building OCaml

module Deps: sig .. end
OCaml source module dependencies.
module Build: sig .. end
OCaml build fragments.
module Unit: sig .. end
OCaml build units and tools.