Module B0_opam

module B0_opam: sig .. end
B0 support for opam.

This module provides variant schemes to compile projects against a given opam switch as well as opam file support.


Variant schemes

type pkg = string 
The type for opam packages. This is either a package name or a package name with a version as you would define on the cli of opam install.
val variant_scheme : ?loc:B0.Def.loc ->
?doc:string ->
?preset:B0.Conf.Preset.t ->
?autodep:bool ->
?pkgs:pkg list ->
?build_switch:string -> string -> B0.Variant.Scheme.t
variant_scheme name is a variant scheme that compiles in an environment setup by opam env --switch name. If build_switch is provided name is used for the host aim environment and build_os for the build aim environment.

Low-level functions

type cmd 
A value representing the opam command.

TODO Maybe this should represent opam acting on a switch given at B0_opam.get.

val get : unit -> cmd B0.result
get () looks up an opam binary in the build's program PATH or in the environment variable B0_OPAM if defined.
val cmd : cmd -> B0.Cmd.t
cmd opam is opam's command.
val env : cmd -> switch:string -> B0.OS.Env.t B0.result
env opam ~switch is the environment for the opam switch switch.