Module Odig.Cobj

module Cobj: sig .. end
OCaml compilation objects.

Note. All paths returned by functions of this module are made absolute (using for now, a fake realpath(2)).

Compilation objects

module Digest: sig .. end
Compilation object digests.
type digest = Digest.t 
The type for compilation object digests.
type dep = string * digest option 
The type for compilation object dependencies. A module name and an optional digest (often a cmi digest).
val pp_dep : dep Fmt.t
pp_dep ppf d prints an unspecified representation of d on ppf.
type mli 
The type for mli files.
type cmi 
The type for cmi files.
type cmti 
The type for cmti files.
type ml 
The type for ml files.
type cmo 
The type for cmo files.
type cmt 
The type for cmt files.
type cma 
The type for cma files.
type cmx 
The type for cmx files.
type cmxa 
The type for cmxa files.
type cmxs 
The type for cmxs files.
module Mli: sig .. end
mli files.
module Cmi: sig .. end
cmi files.
module Cmti: sig .. end
cmti files.
module Ml: sig .. end
ml files.
module Cmo: sig .. end
cmo files.
module Cmt: sig .. end
cmt files.
module Cma: sig .. end
cma files.
module Cmx: sig .. end
cmx files.
module Cmxa: sig .. end
cmxa files.
module Cmxs: sig .. end
cmxs files.

Compilation object sets

type set 
The type for sets of compilation objects.
val empty_set : set
empty_set is an empty set of compilation objects.
val mlis : set -> mli list
mlis s is the list of mlis contained in s.
val cmis : set -> cmi list
cmis s is the list of cmis contained in s.
val cmtis : set -> cmti list
cmtis s is the list of cmtis contained in s.
val mls : set -> ml list
mls s is the list of mls contained in s.
val cmos : ?files:bool -> set -> cmo list
cmos ~files s is the list of cmos contained in s. If files is true (defaults to false), only the cmo files are listed and cmos that are part of cma files are omitted.
val cmts : set -> cmt list
cmts s is the list of cmts contained in s.
val cmas : set -> cma list
cmas s is the list of cmas contained in s.
val cmxs : ?files:bool -> set -> cmx list
cmxs ~files s is the list of cmxs contained in s. If files is true (defaults to false), only the cmx files are listed and cmxs that are part of cmxa files are omitted.
val cmxas : set -> cmxa list
cmxa s is the list of cmxas contained in s.
val cmxss : set -> cmxs list
cmxss s is the list of cmxss contained in s.
val set_of_dir : ?err:(Fpath.t -> ('a, [ `Msg of string ]) Pervasives.result -> unit) ->
Fpath.t -> set
set_of_dir ~err d is the set of compilation objects that are present in the file hierarchy rooted at d.

This is a best-effort function, it will call err on errors and continue; at worst you'll get an Odig.Cobj.empty_set. err's default simply logs the error at level Logs.Error.

Compilation object indexes

type 'a index 
See Odig.Cobj.Index.t.
module Index: sig .. end
Compilation object indexes

Dependency resolution

type ('a, 'o) dep_resolution = [ `Amb of ('a * 'o) list | `None | `Some of 'a * 'o ] 
The type for dependency resolutions. Either no, some or an ambiguous resolution.
type ('a, 'o) dep_resolver = dep -> ('a * 'o) list -> ('a, 'o) dep_resolution 
The type for dependency resolvers. Determines a resolution from a dependency and list of matching candidates.
val cmi_for_interface : resolve:('a, cmi) dep_resolver ->
'a index ->
dep -> ('a, cmi) dep_resolution
cmi_for_interface ~resolve i dep is the resolution resolve of cmis matching module interface dep in i.
val cmo_for_interface : resolve:('a, cmo) dep_resolver ->
'a index ->
dep -> ('a, cmo) dep_resolution
cmo_for_interface ~resolve i dep is the resolution resolve of cmos matching module interface dep in i.
val cmx_for_interface : resolve:('a, cmx) dep_resolver ->
'a index ->
dep -> ('a, cmx) dep_resolution
cmx_for_interface ~resolve i dep is the resolution resolve of cmxs matching module interface dep in i.

Recursive resolution

type ('a, 'o) dep_src = ('a * 'o) list 
The type for dependency sources. Tracks an object (head) to its source (tail). This is only used to allow good end-user feedback.
type ('a, 'o) rec_dep_resolution = [ `Conflict of string * ('a, 'o) dep_src list
| `Resolved of ('a * 'o) * ('a, 'o) dep_src
| `Unresolved of
dep * [ `Amb of ('a * 'o) list | `None ] *
('a, 'o) dep_src ]
The type for recursive dependency resolution:
val pp_rec_dep_resolution : ('a * 'o) Fmt.t -> ('a, 'o) rec_dep_resolution Fmt.t
pp_rec_dep_resolution pp_obj is an unspecified formatter for recursive dependency resolutions using pp_obj to format objects.
val rec_cmis_for_interfaces : resolve:('a, cmi) dep_resolver ->
'a index ->
(dep * ('a, cmi) dep_src) list ->
('a, cmi) rec_dep_resolution
See, mutatis mutandis, Odig.Cobj.rec_cmos_for_interfaces.
val rec_cmos_for_interfaces : ?cmo_deps:(cmo -> dep list) ->
resolve:('a, cmo) dep_resolver ->
'a index ->
(dep * ('a, cmo) dep_src) list ->
('a, cmo) rec_dep_resolution
rec_cmos_for_interfaces ~cmo_deps ~resolve i deps maps module names to the result of recursively resolving module interface dependencies deps (tupled with a dependency source) to cmos in i using resolve. More precisely:
val fold_rec_dep_resolutions : deps:('o -> dep list) ->
(string -> ('a, 'o) rec_dep_resolution -> 'b -> 'b) ->
('a, 'o) rec_dep_resolution -> 'b -> 'b
fold_rec_dep_resolutions ~deps f res acc folds f with acc over the partial evaluation order of res using deps on resolved objects. Conflicts and unresolved dependencies are also folded over.
Raises Invalid_argument if deps returns, on a resolved object, a name that is not in the domain of res.