Module Odig.Cobj.Cmxa

module Cmxa: sig .. end
cmxa files.


type t = Odig.Cobj.cmxa 
The type for cmxa files.
val read : Fpath.t -> (t, Bos_setup.R.msg) Bos_setup.result
read f reads a cmxa file from f.
val name : Odig.Cobj.cmxa -> string
name cmxa is cmxa's basename.
val cmxs : Odig.Cobj.cmxa -> Odig.Cobj.cmx list
cmxs cmxa are the cmxs contained in the cmxa.
val cobjs : Odig.Cobj.cmxa -> string list
cobjs are C objects needed files needed for linking.
val copts : Odig.Cobj.cmxa -> string list
copts are options for the C linker.
val path : Odig.Cobj.cmxa -> Fpath.t
path cmxa is the file path to the cmxa file.