Module Tsdl.Sdl.Window

module Window: sig .. end


val pos_undefined : int
val pos_centered : int


type flags 
val (+) : flags -> flags -> flags
f + f' combines flags f and f'.
val test : flags -> flags -> bool
test flags mask is true if any of the flags in mask is set in flags.
val eq : flags -> flags -> bool
eq f f' is true if the flags are equal.
val windowed : flags
Equal to 0. The flag doesn't exist in SDL, it's for using with Tsdl.Sdl.set_window_fullscreen.
val fullscreen : flags
val fullscreen_desktop : flags
val opengl : flags
val shown : flags
val hidden : flags
val borderless : flags
val resizable : flags
val minimized : flags
val maximized : flags
val input_grabbed : flags
val input_focus : flags
val mouse_focus : flags
val foreign : flags
val allow_highdpi : flags