Index of values

choose [Asetmap.Map.S]
choose m is a binding of m (if any).
choose [Asetmap.Set.S]
choose s is an element of s or None is s empty.

dom [Asetmap.Map.S_with_key_set]
dom m is the domain of m.
dump [Asetmap.Map.S]
dump pp_binding prints an unspecified represention of m on ppf using pp_binding to print the bindings.
dump [Asetmap.Set.S]
dump pp_elt ppf s prints an unspecified representation of s on ppf using pp_elt to print elements.

find [Asetmap.Map.S]
find k m is the binding of k in m (if any).
find [Asetmap.Set.S]
find e s is the element of s equal to e (if any).

get [Asetmap.Map.S]
get k m is like Asetmap.Map.S.find but raises Invalid_argument if k is not bound in m.
get [Asetmap.Set.S]
get is like Asetmap.Set.S.find but
get_any_binding [Asetmap.Map.S]
get_any_binding is like Asetmap.Map.S.choose but
get_any_elt [Asetmap.Set.S]
get_any_elt is like Asetmap.Set.S.choose but
get_max_binding [Asetmap.Map.S]
get_min_binding is like Asetmap.Map.S.max_binding but
get_max_elt [Asetmap.Set.S]
get_max_elt is like Asetmap.Set.S.max_elt but
get_min_binding [Asetmap.Map.S]
get_min_binding is like Asetmap.Map.S.min_binding but
get_min_elt [Asetmap.Set.S]
get_min_elt is like Asetmap.Set.S.min_elt but

max_binding [Asetmap.Map.S]
max_binding m is the greatest binding of m (if any).
max_elt [Asetmap.Set.S]
max_elt s is the greatest element of s (if any).
min_binding [Asetmap.Map.S]
min_binding m is the smallest binding of m (if any).
min_elt [Asetmap.Set.S]
min_elt s is the smallest element of s (if any).

of_list [Asetmap.Map.S]
of_list l is the map holding the bindings of l.
of_list [Asetmap.Set.S]
of_list l is a set from the elements of l

pp [Asetmap.Map.S]
pp ~sep pp_binding ppf m formats the bindings of m on ppf.
pp [Asetmap.Set.S]
pp ~sep pp_elt ppf s formats the elements of s on ppf.

to_list [Asetmap.Map.S]
to_list m is the bindings of m in increasing key order.
to_list [Asetmap.Set.S]
to_list s is the elements of s in increasing order.