Module B00.Memo.Fut

module Fut: sig .. end

Future values.

Future value setters

type 'a set 

The type for setting a future value of type 'a.

val set : 'a set -> 'a -> unit

set s v sets the future value linked to s to the value v.

Future values

type memo = B00.Memo.t 

See B00.Memo.t

type 'a t 

The type for future values of type 'a.

val create : memo -> 'a t * 'a set

create memo is (f, s) a future value f and a setter s for it. Fibers waiting on the future are scheduled by B00.Memo.stiring memo.

val value : 'a t -> 'a option

value f is f's value if set.

val wait : 'a t -> 'a B00.Memo.fiber

wait f k waits for f to be set and continues with k v with v the value of the future.