Module B00_http.Http

HTTP methods, requests and responses.

HTTP methods and headers

type meth = [
| `GET
| `Other of string
| `PUT

The type for HTTP methods.

val meth_to_string : meth -> string

meth_to_string m is a string representation of m.

type headers = (string * string) list

The type for HTTP headers. List of header names (without the :) tupled with their value.

HTTP requests

type req

The type for HTTP requests.

val req : ?headers:headers -> ?body:string -> uri:string -> meth -> req

req uri m ~headers ~body is a request on uri with method m, headers headers (defaults to []) and body body (defaults to "").

val req_uri : req -> Uri.t

req_uri r is r's request URI.

val req_meth : req -> meth

req_meth r is r's HTTP method.

val req_headers : req -> headers

req_headers r is r's headers.

val req_body : req -> string

req_body r is r's body.

HTTP responses

type resp

The type for HTTP responses.

val resp : ?headers:headers -> ?body:string -> int -> resp

resp status ~headers ~body is a response with status status, headers headers (defaults to []) and body body (defaults to "")

val resp_headers : resp -> headers

resp_headers r are the HTTP response headers.

val resp_status : resp -> int

resp_status r is the HTTP response status.

val resp_body : resp -> string

resp_body r is the HTTP response body.