Module B0_cli

Command line interface fragments.


module Exit : sig ... end

Program exits.

Argument converters

val fpath : B0_std.Fpath.t Cmdliner.Arg.conv

fpath is a converter for file paths. No existence checks are performed on the path.

val cmd : B0_std.Cmd.t Cmdliner.Arg.conv

cmd is a converter for commands.

Specifying output format

val s_output_format_options : string

s_output_format_options is a manual section called "OUTPUT FORMAT OPTIONS"

type output_format = [
  1. | `Normal
  2. | `Short
  3. | `Long

The type for specifying output format.

val output_format : ?docs:string -> ?short_opts:string list -> ?long_opts:string list -> unit -> output_format Cmdliner.Term.t

output_format ~short_opts ~long_opts () are mutually exclusive options to specify short and long output format, without options this is `Normal. short_opts defaults to ["s"; "short"] and long_opts default to ["l"; "long"]. docs is the manual section in which options are documented, defaults to s_output_format_options.

Specifying B0 definitions

val units : ?docs:string -> ?doc:string -> unit -> string list Cmdliner.Term.t

units defines unit names with -u and --unit.

val x_units : ?docs:string -> ?doc:string -> unit -> string list Cmdliner.Term.t

x_units defines unit names to exclude with -x and --x-unit.

val packs : ?docs:string -> ?doc:string -> unit -> string list Cmdliner.Term.t

packs defines pack names with -p and --pack.

val x_packs : ?docs:string -> ?doc:string -> unit -> string list Cmdliner.Term.t

packs defines pack names to exclude via -X and --x-pack.

Cli commands and fragments

module File_cache : sig ... end

B0_zero.File_cache interaction.

module Op : sig ... end

B0_zero.Op interaction.

module Memo : sig ... end

B0_memo interaction.

module B0_std : sig ... end

Fragments for setting up B0_std.