Module B0_driver.Exit

Driver exit codes.

type t =
| Code of int
| Exec of B00_std.Fpath.t * B00_std.Cmd.t

The type for exits. Either an exit code or a command to execv.

val code : t -> int

code e is the exit code of e. Raises Invalid_argument if e is Exec.

val build_error : t

build_error indicates a build error.

val b0_file_error : t

b0_file_error indicates a B0 file error.

val deploy_error : t

deploy_error indicates a deploy error.

val no_b0_file : t

no_b0_file indicates no B0 file could be found.

val no_such_name : t

no_such_name indicates a named entity was not found.

val ok : t

ok is the zero exit code.

val some_error : t

some_error indicates an indiscriminate error reported on stdout.

module Info : sig ... end

Cmdliner documentation.