Module B0_std

module B0_std: sig .. end

Standard library needs.

Open this module to use it, this only introduces and redefine a few standard modules.

v0.0.0 — homepage


module Tty: sig .. end

ANSI terminal interaction.

module Fmt: sig .. end

Textual formatters.

module Option: sig .. end

Option values (as in 4.08).

module Result: sig .. end

Result values (as in 4.08)

module Char: sig .. end

Characters (bytes in fact).

module String: sig .. end


module List: sig .. end


module Conv: sig .. end

Value converters.

module Fpath: sig .. end

File paths.

module Hash: sig .. end

Hash values and functions.

module Time: sig .. end

Measuring time.

module Cmd: sig .. end

Command lines.

module Os: sig .. end

OS interaction.

module Log: sig .. end

Program log.