Module B0_std

Standard needs for B0 and B00 programs (and sometimes for any program but it's getting better).

Open this module to use it. Only redefines a few standard modules and introduces a few new ones.


module Tid : sig ... end

Type identifiers.

module Tty : sig ... end

ANSI terminal interaction.

module Fmt : sig ... end

Textual formatters.

module Result : sig ... end

Result values

module Char : sig ... end

Characters (bytes in fact).

module String : sig ... end


module List : sig ... end


module Fpath : sig ... end

File paths.

module Hash : sig ... end

Hash values and functions.

module Mtime : sig ... end

Monotonic time stamps and spans.

module Cmd : sig ... end

Command lines.

module Fut : sig ... end

Future values.

module Os : sig ... end

OS interaction.

module Log : sig ... end

Program log.

module Rqueue : sig ... end

Random queue

module Bincode : sig ... end

Binary coding of values.