Module B0_tool_std

b0 driver common definitions.

FIXME cleanup and move to B0_cli, cmdlets may be interested.

val driver : B0_driver.t

driver is the driver definition.

val def_list : (module B0_def.S) list

def_list is the list of kind of b0 definitions.

val def_list_list : (module B0_def.S) list -> B0_def.value list

def_list_list defs is the list of definitions of def order first by name then by kind.

val def_list_get_list_or_hint : (module B0_def.S) list -> all_if_empty:bool -> string list -> (B0_def.value list, string) Stdlib.result
module Def : sig ... end

B0_def generic support.

module Cli : sig ... end