Module B0_ui.Browser

module Browser: sig .. end

Web browser interaction.

Browser shows URIs in the user's browsers. Up to severe platform and browser application limitation it tries to limit the creation of new tabs, reloading existing one which have the same URI or are, if requested, prefixed by the URI.

Cli arguments

val browser : B0_std.Cmd.t option Cmdliner.Term.t

browser is a --browser option and BROWSER environment variable to use with the browser argument of B0_ui.Browser.find.

val prefix : bool Cmdliner.Term.t

prefix is --prefix option to use the prefix argument of

val background : bool Cmdliner.Term.t

background is a --background option to use the background argument of !show.

Show URIs

type t 

The type for specifying a browser.

val find : ?search:B0_std.Fpath.t list ->
browser:B0_std.Cmd.t option ->
unit -> (t option, string) Stdlib.result

find ~search ~browser tries to find a browser in a rather complex and platform dependent way.

val show : background:bool ->
prefix:bool ->
t option -> string -> (unit, string) Stdlib.result

show ~background ~prefix browser uri shows URI using browser browser (if None an error message is returned mentioning that no browser was found. If background is true tries to keep the browser application in the background, if false brings it in user focus.

The function tries to limit the creation of new tabs using the following strategy: