Cmdlet manual

This manual shows how to deal with B0 cmdlets and create your own.


Basic operations on cmdlets are provided by the b0 cmdlet command.

b0 cmdlet list  # List cmdlets

Making your own

Let's make a simple cmdlet that invokes a script at the root of your project:

Yaddada root vs scope

let run_script ~script env args =
  let scope_dir = B0_cmdlet.Env.scope_dir env in
  let script = Fpath.(scope_dir // script) in
  let cwd = Option.value ~default:scope_dir cwd in
  Os.Exit.exec ~cwd script Cmd.(path script %% args)

let mycmd =
  B0_cmdlet.v "mycmd" ~doc:"Run mycmd" @@
  run_script ~script:(Fpath.v "scripts/mycmd")

Even though you should rewrite all these scripts as OCaml cmdlets a direct short cut for the above boilerplate is provided. Use B0_cmdlet.exec:

let mycmd =
  B0_cmdlet.v "mycmd" ~doc:"Run mycmd" @@
  B0_cmdlet.exec (Fpath.v "scripts/mycmd")