Module B0caml.Exit

b0caml exit codes.

type t =
  1. | Code of int
  2. | Exec of B0_std.Fpath.t * B0_std.Cmd.t

The type for exits. Either an exit code or a command to execv.

val code : t -> int

code c is the code of c raises Invalid_argument if c is Exec.

val conf_error : t

conf_error is for configuration errors.

val comp_error : t

comp_error is for compilation errors. More specifically this is 127 (what shells use when the command is not found in path).

val miss_dep_error : t

miss_dep_error is used by the deps subcommand to report missing #mod_use or #directory paths.

val miss_log_error : t

miss_log_error is used by the log subcommand to report a missing lot.

val ok : t

ok is the zero exit code.

val some_error : t

some_error is used to indicate an indiscriminate error happened and was reported on stdout.