Module Bos_setup

Quick setup for simple programs.

Linking against this module setups Logs and issuing:

open Bos_setup

in a module is sufficient to bring Rresult, Astring and Bos in scope. See also how to use this for interpreted programs.

Interpreted programs

To use Bos and this setup in an interpreted program, start the file with:

#!/usr/bin/env ocaml
#use "topfind"
#require "bos.setup"
open Bos_setup

To allow merlin to function correctly issue M-x merlin-use bos.setup in emacs or :MerlinUse bos.setup in vim.


type ('a, 'b) result = ('a'b) Stdlib.result =
| Ok of 'a
| Error of 'b

The type for results.

val (>>=) : ('a'b) result -> ('a -> ('c'b) result) -> ('c'b) result

(>>=) is R.(>>=).

val (>>|) : ('a'b) result -> ('a -> 'c) -> ('c'b) result

(>>|) is R.(>>|).

module R : sig ... end


val strf : ('aStdlib.Format.formatter, unit, string) Stdlib.format4 -> 'a

strf is Astring.strf.

val (^) : string -> string -> string

^ is Astring.(^).

module Char : sig ... end
module String : sig ... end


module Pat : sig ... end
module Cmd : sig ... end
module OS : sig ... end

Fmt & Logs

Note. The following aliases are strictly speaking not needed but they allow to end-users to use them by expressing a single dependency towards bos.setup.

module Fmt : sig ... end
module Logs : sig ... end