Module Brr_io.Media

Access to media devices, streams and elements.

Access to the Media Capture and Streams API, the MediaStream Recording API and the HTMLMediaElement interface.

Constrainable pattern

The following little bureaucracy tries to expose the constrainable pattern in a lean way. This introduction on MDN may also be useful.

module Prop : sig ... end

Media objects properties, capabilities and constraints.

module Supported_constraints : sig ... end

Supported property constraints.

module Constraints : sig ... end

Property constraints specifications.

module Capabilities : sig ... end

Property capability specifications.

module Settings : sig ... end

Property values.

Media devices, streams and tracks

module Track : sig ... end

Media stream tracks.

module Stream : sig ... end

Media streams.

module Recorder : sig ... end

Media recorder.

module Device : sig ... end

Device kinds and information.

module Devices : sig ... end

Media device enumeration.

Media element interface

module El : sig ... end