Module Brr_poke

OCaml poke object definition for the OCaml console.

See the OCaml console documentation for more information.

val define : unit -> unit

define () defines a global ocaml_poke object in the global context of the caller.

Limitation. Due to Js_of_ocaml_toplevel.JsooTop, this poke object sets channel flusher via Jsoo_runtime.Sys.set_channel_output' for stdout and stderr. This will not work if your application makes use of these channels. It's unclear whether this limitation can be easily lifted.

val pp_jstr : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> Jstr.t -> unit
val pp_jv_error : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> Jv.Error.t -> unit
val pp_jv : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> Jv.t -> unit