Module Context.Base

Base audio contexts.

Audio contexts

type t = Node.context

The type for BaseAudioContext objects.

val as_target : t ->

as_target c is c as an event target.

val decode_audio_data : t -> Buffer.t -> Buffer.t Fut.or_error

decode_audio_data t b decodes the audio data in b.


val destination : t -> Node.Destination.t

destination c is the destination of c.

val sample_rate : t -> float

sample_rate c is the sample rate of c.

val current_time : t -> float

current_time c is the current time of c.

val listener : t -> Listener.t

listener c is the listener of c.

val state : t -> State.t

state c is the state of c.

val audio_worklet : t -> Worklet.t

audio_worklet c is the audio worklet of c.