Module Crypto_algo.Aes_gcm_params

AES GCM encryption parameters.

type t

The type for AesGcmParams objects.

val v : ?name:Jstr.t -> iv:Brr.Tarray.Buffer.t -> additional_data:Brr.Tarray.Buffer.t option -> tag_length:int option -> unit -> algo

v ~name ~iv ~additional_data ~tag_length is an encryption parameter object with given properties. name defaults to "AES-GCM".

val of_algo : algo -> t

of_algo a is an unsafe conversion from a.


val name : t -> Jstr.t

name a is the algorithm to use.

iv a is the initialisation vector to use.

val additional_data : t -> Brr.Tarray.Buffer.t option

additional_data a is the additionnal data to use.

val tag_length : t -> int option

additional_data a is the authentication tag bit size to use.