Module Service_worker.Client

Client objects.


module Visibility_state : sig ... end

Visibility state enum.

module Type : sig ... end

Client type enum.

module Frame_type : sig ... end

Frame type enum.


type t

The type for Client objects.

type client = t

See t.

val url : t -> Jstr.t

url c is the URL of c.

val frame_type : t -> Frame_type.t

frame_type c is the frame type of c.

val id : t -> Jstr.t

id c is the id of c.

val type' : t -> Type.t

type' c is the type of c.

val post : ?opts:Brr_io.Message.opts -> t -> 'a -> unit

post ~opts c v posts value v to client c with options opts (the target_origin option is meaningless in this case).

Window clients

module Window : sig ... end

Window clients.