Module Brzo.Cli

Command line interface

val s_outcome_opts : string

s_outcome_opts is a section for outcome specific options.

val s_domains : string

s_domains is a section that lists the domains.

val man_outcome_info : Cmdliner.Manpage.block

man_outcome_info is a cmdliner manual fragment about outcomes.

val man_see_manual : Cmdliner.Manpage.block

man_see_manual is a cmdliner manual fragment enticing to read the manual.

val conf : (module DOMAIN) list -> Conf.t Cmdliner.Term.t

conf is a cmdliner term for brzo configuration when no outcome is involved.

val conf_for_outcome : (module DOMAIN) list -> domain:(module DOMAIN) option -> Conf.t Cmdliner.Term.t

conf_outcome ~domain is a cmdliner term for brzo configuration when an outcome needs to be build. If domain is unspecified it is guessed or BRZO configured.

val domain_cmd : (module DOMAIN) list -> (module DOMAIN) -> int Cmdliner.Term.t *

cmd d is a command for domain d.

val default_domain_cmd : (module DOMAIN) list -> int Cmdliner.Term.t *

default_domain_cmd ds is the default command that selects between domain ds.