Module Brzo_ocaml

OCaml domain.

See the manual for a high-level view of operations.

include Brzo_domain.T
type conf

The type for domain specific configurations.

val conf_cli : conf Cmdliner.Term.t

conf is a command line interface to determine the domain specific configuration.

val conf_file : B0_std.String.Set.t * conf B0_serialk_sexp.Sexpq.t

conf_file are the keys that are allowed to be part of the domain specific brzo file dictionary and a query against that dictionary.

val conf : cli:conf option -> file:conf option -> conf

conf ~cli ~file merges configuration from the conf_cli and from the conf_file.

Domain definition

val name : string

name is the domain name for documentation.

val id : string

id is the domain identifier. Defines the domain sub-command name.

val fingerprint : B0_fexts.t

fingerprint are file extensions whose presence in the source files hints at domain selection.

val outcomes : conf Brzo_outcome.t list

outcome is the domain's list of outcomes.