Module Gg.Ba.Buffer

module Buffer: sig .. end

type t = Gg.buffer 
The type for bigarray buffers.
val create : Gg.Ba.scalar_type -> int -> Gg.buffer
create st count is a buffer of scalar type st with count scalars.
val scalar_type : Gg.buffer -> Gg.Ba.scalar_type
buffer_scalar_type b is b's buffer scalar type.
val length : Gg.buffer -> int
buffer_length b is b's buffer scalar length.
val byte_length : Gg.buffer -> int
buffer_byte_length b is b's buffer byte length.
val of_bigarray : ?data:[ `Float | `Unsigned ] -> ('a, 'b) Gg.bigarray -> Gg.buffer
of_bigarray ba is a buffer for the bigarray ba. data can be used to add information whenever the bigarray kind is:
Raises Invalid_argument if the bigarray kind does not correspond to a Gg.Ba.scalar_type or if data is irrelevant.
val pp : Format.formatter -> Gg.buffer -> unit
pp b prints a textual representation of b on ppf. Does not print the buffer's data.