Module type Gg.P

module type P = sig .. end
Implemented by all point types.

type t 
The type for points.
val dim : int
dim is the dimension of points of type Gg.P.t.
type mh 
The type for matrices representing linear transformations of homogenous Gg.P.dim space.

Constructors, accessors and constants

val o : t
o is the point whose coordinates are all zero.


val mid : t -> t -> t
mid p q is the mid point (p + q)/2.
val tr : mh -> t -> t
tr m p is the affine transform in homogenous Gg.P.dim space of the point p by m.

Note. Since m is supposed to be affine the function ignores the last row of m. p is treated as a finite point (its last coordinate in homogenous space is 1).