Module Hc

Hc HTML generation using Ht.

These function help generate Hc data attributes with Ht. Ignore if you are using something else to generate your HTML.


val request : ?meth:[< Webs.Http.meth | `Sse ] -> string -> Webs_html.At.t

request ~meth r is a data-request attribute for URL r using method meth (defaults to `GET).

val request_path : ?meth:[< Webs.Http.meth | `Sse ] -> Webs.Http.path -> Webs_html.At.t

request ~meth p is a data-request attribute for URL p using method meth (defaults to `GET).

val query : string -> Webs_html.At.t

query sel is the data-query attribute sel.

val event_src : string -> Webs_html.At.t

event_src sel is the data-event-src attribute sel.

type dur_ms = int

The type for millisecond durations.

val event : ?once:bool -> ?debounce_ms:dur_ms -> ?throttle_ms:dur_ms -> ?filter:string -> string -> Webs_html.At.t

event () is the data-event attribute ev.

val target : string -> Webs_html.At.t

target sel is the data-target attribute sel.

type effect_kind = [
| `Element
| `Children
| `Beforebegin
| `Afterbegin
| `Beforeend
| `Afterend
| `None
| `Event of string

The type for kind of request effects.

val effect : effect_kind -> Webs_html.At.t

effect e is the data-effect attribute e.

val feedback : string -> Webs_html.At.t

feedback sel is the data-feedback attribute sel.


module Dur : sig ... end

Named durations.