Module type Hmap.S

module type S = sig .. end
Output signature of the functor Hmap.Make


type 'a key 
The type for keys whose lookup value is of type 'a.
module Key: sig .. end


type t 
The type for heterogeneous value maps.
val empty : t
empty is the empty map.
val is_empty : t -> bool
is_empty m is true iff m is empty.
val mem : 'a key -> t -> bool
mem k m is true iff k is bound in m.
val add : 'a key -> 'a -> t -> t
add k v m is m with k bound to v.
val singleton : 'a key -> 'a -> t
singleton k v is add k v empty.
val rem : 'a key -> t -> t
rem k m is m with k unbound.
val find : 'a key -> t -> 'a option
find k m is the value of k's binding in m, if any.
val get : 'a key -> t -> 'a
get k m is the value of k's binding in m.
Raises Invalid_argument if k is not bound in m.
type binding = 
| B : 'a key * 'a -> binding
The type for bindings.
val iter : (binding -> unit) -> t -> unit
iter f m applies f to all bindings of m.
val fold : (binding -> 'a -> 'a) -> t -> 'a -> 'a
fold f m acc folds over the bindings of m with f, starting with acc
val for_all : (binding -> bool) -> t -> bool
for_all p m is true iff all bindings of m satisfy p.
val exists : (binding -> bool) -> t -> bool
exists p m is true iff there exists a bindings of m that satisfies p.
val filter : (binding -> bool) -> t -> t
filter p m are the bindings of m that satisfy p.
val cardinal : t -> int
cardinal m is the number of bindings in m.
val any_binding : t -> binding option
any_binding m is a binding of m (if not empty).
val get_any_binding : t -> binding
get_any_binding m is a binding of m.
Raises Invalid_argument if m is empty.