Module Htmlact.Dur

Named durations.

These are for convenience. Most animations should simply use Dur.short. Dur.notice is the time after which you want to start to show spinners on requests.

Useful to match with corresponding CSS declaration:

{ --dur-notice: 100ms;
  --dur-short: 250ms;
  --dur-short-outro: 200ms;
  --dur-medium: 500ms;
  --dur-medium-outro: 400ms;
  --dur-long: 1000ms;
  --dur-long-outro: 750ms; }
val notice : dur_ms

notice is 100ms. Below this duration, users won't notice.

val short : dur_ms

short is 250ms. Most animations should simply use this timing.

val short_outro : dur_ms

short_outro is 200ms. For short outroduction, fade outs, collapses.

val medium : dur_ms

medium is 500ms.

val medium_outro : dur_ms

medium is 400ms.

val long : dur_ms

long is 1000ms.

val long_outro : dur_ms

long_outro is 750ms.