Index of values

decode [Jsonm.Uncut]
decode d is like Jsonm.decode but for the uncut data model.
decode [Jsonm]
decode d is: `Await if d has a `Manual source and awaits for more input. The client must use Jsonm.Manual.src to provide it., `Lexeme l if a lexeme l was decoded., `End if the end of input was reached., `Error e if a decoding error occured. If the client is interested in a best-effort decoding it can still continue to decode after an error (see Error recovery) although the resulting sequence of `Lexemes is undefined and may not be well-formed.
decoded_range [Jsonm]
decoded_range d is the range of characters spanning the last `Lexeme or `Error (or `White or `Comment for an Jsonm.Uncut.decode) decoded by d.
decoder [Jsonm]
decoder encoding src is a JSON decoder that inputs from src.
decoder_encoding [Jsonm]
decoder_encoding d is d's encoding.
decoder_src [Jsonm]
decoder_src d is d's input source.
dst [Jsonm.Manual]
dst e s j l provides e with l bytes to write, starting at j in s.
dst_rem [Jsonm.Manual]
dst_rem e is the remaining number of non-written, free bytes in the last buffer provided with Jsonm.Manual.dst.

encode [Jsonm.Uncut]
encode is like Jsonm.encode but for the uncut data model.
encode [Jsonm]
encode e v is: `Partial iff e has a `Manual destination and needs more output storage. The client must use Jsonm.Manual.dst to provide a new buffer and then call Jsonm.encode with `Await until `Ok is returned., `Ok when the encoder is ready to encode a new `Lexeme or `End. For `Manual destinations, encoding `End always returns `Partial, the client should as usual use Jsonm.Manual.dst and continue with `Await until `Ok is returned at which point Jsonm.Manual.dst_rem e is guaranteed to be the size of the last provided buffer (i.e.
encoder [Jsonm]
encoder minify dst is an encoder that outputs to dst.
encoder_dst [Jsonm]
encoder_dst e is e's output destination.
encoder_minify [Jsonm]
encoder_minify e is true if e's output is minified.

pp_decode [Jsonm.Uncut]
pp_decode ppf v prints an unspecified representation of v on ppf.
pp_error [Jsonm]
pp_error e prints an unspecified UTF-8 representation of e on ppf.
pp_lexeme [Jsonm]
pp_lexeme ppf l prints a unspecified non-JSON representation of l on ppf.

src [Jsonm.Manual]
src d s j l provides d with l bytes to read, starting at j in s.