Module Mouse.Cursor

Mouse cursors.

To be used with Brr.El.Style.cursor.

Mouse cursors

type t = Jstr.t

The type for specifying cusrors.

val url : ?x:int -> ?y:int -> Jstr.t -> t

url ~x ~y u is an image cursor using URL u for the image with x,y identifiying the position of the hotspot in the image relative to the top-left corner (defaults to 0,0).

General purpose cursors

val auto : t
val default : t
val none : t
val context_menu : t
val help : t
val pointer : t
val progress : t
val wait : t

Selection cursors

val cell : t
val crosshair : t
val text : t
val vertical_text : t

Drag and drop cursors

val alias : t
val copy : t
val move : t
val no_drop : t
val not_allowed : t
val grab : t
val grabbing : t

Resizing and scrolling cursors

val e_resize : t
val n_resize : t
val ne_resize : t
val nw_resize : t
val s_resize : t
val se_resize : t
val sw_resize : t
val w_resize : t
val ew_resize : t
val ns_resize : t
val nesw_resize : t
val nwse_resize : t
val col_resize : t
val row_resize : t
val all_scroll : t

Zooming cursors

val zoom_in : t
val zoom_out : t