Module Value_selector.Button

Button selectors.

The value is selected by clicking in a list of buttons. See the styling information.


val v : ?class':Jstr.t -> ?enabled:bool Note.signal -> ?button_class:('a -> Jstr.t) -> ?button_tip:('a -> Jstr.t Note.signal) -> ?xdir_align:Group.align -> ?dir_align:Group.align -> dir:Group.dir -> ('a -> Brr.El.t list Note.signal) -> 'a list Note.signal -> 'a option Note.signal -> 'a Group.t

v ~class' ~enaled ~eq label choices sel is list of buttons for selecting a value. S.eq sel is used to test values for equality in the list of choices.

  • label is used to label the choice buttons.
  • choices are the values among which to select
  • sel is the value shown as selected, if any. It must be included in choices
  • button_class is a class for choice buttons.
  • enabled indicates if the selector can be interacted with. Defaults to Note.S.Bool.true'
  • class' is added to the underlying element's classes.

The Group.action of the result occurs whenever a new selection occurs.


The returned group and buttons makes use of the following CSS classes (the group styling also applies):