Module Odig.Cobj.Cmti

module Cmti: sig .. end
cmti files.


type t = Odig.Cobj.cmti 
The type for cmti files.
val read : Fpath.t -> (Odig.Cobj.cmti, [ `Msg of string ]) Pervasives.result
read f reads a cmti file from f.
val name : Odig.Cobj.cmti -> string
name cmti is the name of the module interface.
val digest : Odig.Cobj.cmti -> Odig.Cobj.digest
digest cmti is the digest of the module interface.
val deps : Odig.Cobj.cmti -> Odig.Cobj.dep list
deps cmti is the list of imported module interfaces with their digest, if known.
val path : Odig.Cobj.cmti -> Fpath.t
path cmti is the file path to the cmti file.

Derived information

val to_cmi_dep : Odig.Cobj.cmti -> Odig.Cobj.dep
to_cmi_dep cmti is cmti as a dependency.