Module Odig_odoc_page

module Odig_odoc_page: sig .. end

mld and HTML pages generated by odig itself.


val index_mld : Odig_support.Conf.t ->
Odig_support.Pkg.t ->
Odig_support.Pkg_info.t ->
user_index:string option -> with_tag_links:bool -> string

index_mld conf pkg pkg_info ~user_index ~with_tag_links  is an index.mld page for package pkg with info pkg_info.

val pkg_list : Odig_support.Conf.t ->
index_title:string option ->
raw_index_intro:string option ->
tag_index:bool -> ocaml_manual_uri:string option -> string

pkg_list c ~index_title ~raw_index_intro ~tag_index ~ocaml_manual_uri is an HTML page for the packages that have their documentation generated in c.