Module Odig_support.Pkg_info

module Pkg_info: sig .. end

Gather package information

Gathers Odig_support.Doc_cobj, Odig_support.Opam and Odig_support.Docdir information about a package.

Package info

type t 

The type for package information.

val doc_cobjs : t -> Odig_support.Doc_cobj.t list

doc_cobjs i are the documentation compilation objects of i.

val docdir : t -> Odig_support.Docdir.t

docdir i is the docdir information of i.

val opam : t -> Odig_support.Opam.t

opam i is the opam information of i.

Uniform field access

Access information as list of strings.

type field = [ `Authors
| `Changes_files
| `Depends
| `Doc_cobjs
| `Homepage
| `Issues
| `License
| `License_files
| `Maintainers
| `Odoc_assets
| `Odoc_pages
| `Online_doc
| `Readme_files
| `Repo
| `Synopsis
| `Tags
| `Version ]

The type for fields.

val field_names : (string * field) list

field_names associated a string name to each field.

val get : field -> t -> string list

get field i is the field field of i as a list of strings.

val pp : t B0_std.Fmt.t

pp formats all package information fields in alphabetic order.


val query : docdir:B0_std.Fpath.t ->
Odig_support.Pkg.t list ->
(Odig_support.Pkg.t * t) list

query ~docdir pkgs combines the result of Odig_support.Doc_cobj.of_pkg, Odig_support.Opam.query and Odig_support.Docdir.of_pkg.