Module Odig_support.Conf

Odig configuration.


type t

The type for configuration.

val v : b0_cache_dir:B0_std.Fpath.t -> b0_log_file:B0_std.Fpath.t -> cache_dir:B0_std.Fpath.t -> cwd:B0_std.Fpath.t -> doc_dir:B0_std.Fpath.t -> html_dir:B0_std.Fpath.t -> jobs:int -> lib_dir:B0_std.Fpath.t -> log_level:B0_std.Log.level -> -> share_dir:B0_std.Fpath.t -> tty_cap:B0_std.Tty.cap -> unit -> t

v consructs a configuration with given attributes. See the corresponding accessors for details.

val b0_cache_dir : t -> B0_std.Fpath.t

b0_cache_dir c is c's b0 cache directory.

val b0_log_file : t -> B0_std.Fpath.t

b0_log_file c is c's b0 log file.

val cache_dir : t -> B0_std.Fpath.t

cache_dir c is c's cache directory.

val cwd : t -> B0_std.Fpath.t

cwd c is c's current working directory.

val doc_dir : t -> B0_std.Fpath.t

doc_dir c is c's documentation directory.

val lib_dir : t -> B0_std.Fpath.t

lib_dir c is c's library directory.

val log_level : t -> B0_std.Log.level

log_level c is c's log level.

val html_dir : t -> B0_std.Fpath.t

html_dir c is c's HTML directory, where the API docs are generated (derived from cache_dir).

val odoc_theme : t ->

odoc_theme c is c's odoc theme to use.

val jobs : t -> int

jobs c is the maximum number of spawns.

val memo : t -> (B00.Memo.t, string) Stdlib.result

memo conf is a memoizer for configuration conf.

val pkgs : t -> Pkg.t list

pkgs conf are the packages of configuration conf.

val pkg_infos : t -> Pkg_info.t Pkg.Map.t

pkg_infos conf are the package information of pkgs.

val share_dir : t -> B0_std.Fpath.t

share_dir c is c's share directory.

val tty_cap : t -> B0_std.Tty.cap

tty_cap c is c's tty capability.

val pp : t B0_std.Fmt.t

pp formats configurations.


val setup_with_cli : b0_cache_dir:B0_std.Fpath.t option -> b0_log_file:B0_std.Fpath.t option -> cache_dir:B0_std.Fpath.t option -> doc_dir:B0_std.Fpath.t option -> jobs:int option -> lib_dir:B0_std.Fpath.t option -> log_level:B0_std.Log.level option -> option -> share_dir:B0_std.Fpath.t option -> tty_cap:B0_std.Tty.cap option option -> unit -> (t, string) Stdlib.result

setup_with_cli determines and setups a configuration with the given values. These are expected to have been determined by environment variables and command line arguments.