Index of values

authors [Odig_support.Opam]

authors i is the authors: field.

bug_reports [Odig_support.Opam]

bug_reports i is the bug-reports: field.

by_modname [Odig_support.Doc_cobj]

by_modname ~init cobjs indexes cobjs by module name and adds them to init (defaults to String.Map.empty).

by_names [Odig_support.Pkg]

by_names pkgs indexes pkgs by module name and adds them to init (defaults to String.Map.empty.

cachedir [Odig_support.Conf]

cachedir c is c's cache directory.

cachedir_env [Odig_support.Conf]

cachedir_env is the environment variable that can be used to define the odig cache directory.

changes_files [Odig_support.Docdir]

changes_files i are the package's change log files.

compare [Odig_support.Pkg]

compare p0 p1 is a total order on packages compatible with Odig_support.Pkg.equal.

compare_by_caseless_name [Odig_support.Pkg]

compare_by_caseless_name p0 p1 compares p0 and p1 by name in a caseless manner.

config_file [Odig_support.Odoc_theme]

config_file is the file relative to the user's Os.Dir.config directory for specifying the odoc theme.

default [Odig_support.Odoc_theme]

default is the default odoc theme ("odoc.default").

depends [Odig_support.Opam]

depends i is the depends: field.

dev_repo [Odig_support.Opam]

dev_repo i is the dev-repo: field.

dir [Odig_support.Docdir]

dir is the path to the documentation directory (if any).

doc [Odig_support.Opam]

doc i is the doc: field.

doc_cobjs [Odig_support.Pkg_info]

doc_cobjs i are the documentation compilation objects of i.

docdir [Odig_support.Conf]

docdir c is c's documentation directory.

docdir [Odig_support.Pkg_info]

docdir i is the docdir information of i.

docdir_env [Odig_support.Conf]

docdir_env is the environment variable that can be used to define a docdir.

don't_list [Odig_support.Doc_cobj]

don't_list cobj is true if cobj should not appear in module indexes.

equal [Odig_support.Pkg]

equal p0 p1 is true if p0 and p1 point to the same package.

field_names [Odig_support.Pkg_info]

field_names associated a string name to each field.

file [Odig_support.Opam]

file pkg is the opam file of package pkg (if any).

find [Odig_support.Odoc_theme]

find n themes finds the theme named n in themes.

gen [Odig_odoc]

gen c ~force ~index_intro ~pkg_deps ~tag_index pkgs generates API reference for packages pkgs.

get [Odig_support.Pkg_info]

get field i is the field field of i as a list of strings.

get_user_preference [Odig_support.Odoc_theme]

get_user_preference () is the user prefered theme name or Odig_support.Odoc_theme.default if the user has no preference.

hidden [Odig_support.Doc_cobj]

hidden cobj is true if odoc must compile cobj with the --hidden option.

homepage [Odig_support.Opam]

homepage i is the homepage: field.

htmldir [Odig_support.Conf]

htmldir c is c's HTML directory, where the API docs are generated (derived from Odig_support.Conf.cachedir).

index_mld [Odig_odoc_page]

index_mld conf pkg pkg_info ~user_index ~with_tag_links  is an index.mld page for package pkg with info pkg_info.

kind [Odig_support.Doc_cobj]

kind cobj is the kind of cobj.

libdir [Odig_support.Conf]

libdir c is c's library directory.

libdir_env [Odig_support.Conf]

libdir_env is the environment variable that can be used to define a libdir.

license [Odig_support.Opam]

license i is the license: field.

license_files [Odig_support.Docdir]

license_files i are the package's licenses files.

maintainer [Odig_support.Opam]

maintainer i is the maintainer: field.

memo [Odig_support.Conf]

memo conf is a memoizer for configuration conf.

memodir [Odig_support.Conf]

memodir c is c's memoizer cache directory.

modname [Odig_support.Doc_cobj]

modname cobj is the module name of cobj (as determined from the filename).

name [Odig_support.Odoc_theme]

name t is the theme name.

name [Odig_support.Pkg]

name is the name of the package.

odoc_assets [Odig_support.Docdir]

odoc_assets i is the package's odoc assets directory contents.

odoc_assets_dir [Odig_support.Docdir]

odoc_assets i is the package's odoc assets directory (if any).

odoc_pages [Odig_support.Docdir]

odoc_pages i are the package's odoc pages

odoc_theme [Odig_support.Conf]

odoc_theme c is c's odoc theme to use.

odoc_theme_env [Odig_support.Conf]

odoc_theme_env is the environment variable that can be used to define the default odoc theme.

of_dir [Odig_support.Odoc_theme]

of_dir sharedir are the themes found in sharedir.

of_dir [Odig_support.Pkg]

of_dir libdir are the packages found in libdir.

of_pkg [Odig_support.Docdir]

query ~docdir pkg queries the documentation directory docdir for documentation about pkg.

of_pkg [Odig_support.Doc_cobj]

of_pkg pkg are the compilation objects of pkg that are useful for documentation generation.

opam [Odig_support.Pkg_info]

opam i is the opam information of i.

path [Odig_support.Odoc_theme]

path t is the path to the theme directory.

path [Odig_support.Doc_cobj]

path cobj is the path to cobj.

path [Odig_support.Pkg]

path is the path to the compilation objects of the package.

pkg [Odig_support.Doc_cobj]

pkg cobj is the package of cobj.

pkg_infos [Odig_support.Conf]

pkg_infos conf are the package information of Odig_support.Conf.pkgs.

pkg_list [Odig_odoc_page]

pkg_list c ~index_title ~raw_index_intro ~tag_index ~ocaml_manual_uri is an HTML page for the packages that have their documentation generated in c.

pkgs [Odig_support.Conf]

pkgs conf are the packages of configuration conf.

pp [Odig_support.Conf]

pp formats configurations.

pp [Odig_support.Odoc_theme]

pp formats a theme.

pp [Odig_support.Pkg_info]

pp formats all package information fields in alphabetic order.

pp [Odig_support.Pkg]

pp formats packages.

pp [Odig_support.Digest]

pp formats digests.

pp_name [Odig_support.Odoc_theme]

pp_name formats a theme's name.

pp_name [Odig_support.Pkg]

pp_name formats package names.

pp_opt [Odig_support.Digest]

pp_opt formats optional digests.

pp_version [Odig_support.Pkg]

pp_version formats a package version.

query [Odig_support.Pkg_info]

query ~docdir pkgs combines the result of Odig_support.Doc_cobj.of_pkg, Odig_support.Opam.query and Odig_support.Docdir.of_pkg.

query [Odig_support.Opam]

query pkgs queries the opam files associated to the given packages (if any).

readme_files [Odig_support.Docdir]

readme_files i are the package's readme files.

set_theme [Odig_odoc]

set_theme t sets theme odoc_theme in configuration conf.

set_user_preference [Odig_support.Odoc_theme]

set_user_preference t sets the user prefered theme to t.

sharedir [Odig_support.Conf]

sharedir c is c's share directory.

sharedir_env [Odig_support.Conf]

sharedir_env is the environment variable that can be used to define a sharedir.

synopsis [Odig_support.Opam]

synopsis i is the synopsis: field.

tags [Odig_support.Opam]

info_tags i are the package's tags.

v [Odig_support.Conf]

v ~cachedir ~libdir ~docdir ~sharedir ~odoc_theme ~max_spawn () is a configuration with given attributes.

version [Odig_support.Opam]

version i is the package's version.