Module Omod.Private.Top

module Top: sig .. end
Abstracts away the OCaml Toploop API.

Toplevel directives

val add_inc : string -> (unit, string) Pervasives.result
add_inc dir adds dir to the include path.
val rem_inc : string -> (unit, string) Pervasives.result
rem_inc dir removes dir from the include path.
val load_ml : string -> (unit, string) Pervasives.result
load_ml ml loads the source file ml.
val load_obj : string -> (unit, string) Pervasives.result
load_obj obj loads the object file obj.
val is_nat : unit -> bool
is_nat () is true if the current toplevel implementation is ocamlnat.

Topdirs implementations

module type TOPDIRS = sig .. end
The type for Topdir module implementations.
val set_topdirs : is_nat:bool -> (module Omod.Private.Top.TOPDIRS) -> unit
set_topdirs ~is_nat t sets the topdirs implementation to t and indicates with is_nat if this ocamlnat's implementation.