Module Omod_ocamlc.Cma

module Cma: sig .. end
cma files

type t 
The type for cma files.
val read : Omod.fpath -> (t, string) Pervasives.result
read_cma f reads a cma ile from f.
val name : t -> string
name cma is the archive name of cma.
val cmos : t -> Omod_ocamlc.Cmo.t list
cmos cma are the cmos contained in the archive.
val custom : t -> bool
custom cma is true if it requires custom mode linking.
val custom_cobjs : t -> string list
custom_cobjs are C objects files needed for custom mode linking.
val custom_copts : t -> string list
custom_copts are extra options passed for custom mode linking.
val dllibs : t -> string list
dllibs are dynamically loaded C libraries for ocamlrun dynamic linking.