Module Omod_support.Cache

module Cache: sig .. end
Omod cache.

type t 
The type for cached information.
val v : pkgs:Omod_support.Pkg.db -> t
v ~pkgs is a cache with package database pkgs.
val pkgs : t -> Omod_support.Pkg.db
pkgs c is c's package database.
val file : Omod_support.Conf.t -> Omod.fpath
file conf is the cache file in configuration conf.
val read : Omod_support.Conf.t ->
force:bool ->
err:Omod_support.Log.t ->
(t option, string) Pervasives.result
read conf is the cache of configuration conf (if any). If force is true and a cache read error occurs, it is logged on err and Ok None is returned.
val write : Omod_support.Conf.t ->
t -> (unit, string) Pervasives.result
write conf c writes the cache c of configuration conf.
val clear : Omod_support.Conf.t -> (unit, string) Pervasives.result
clear conf clears the cache c of configuration conf.
val get : ?err:Omod_support.Log.t ->
?note:Omod_support.Log.t ->
?progress:bool ->
Omod_support.Conf.t ->
force:bool -> trust:bool -> (t, string) Pervasives.result
get ~err ~note ~progress conf ~force ~trust get the cache of configuration conf, forcing it if force is true and making sure it is fresh unless trust is true, using err to report errors, note to report indexing operations (defaults to Omod_support.Log.nil) and progress to indicate if progress should be reported on note (defaults to false).
val status : ?err:Omod_support.Log.t ->
Omod_support.Conf.t ->
t option -> Omod_support.Pkg.diff list
status ~err conf c is the status of cache c of configuration conf.
val codec : t Omod_support.Codec.t
codec is a codec for caches.