Index of values

add_file [Omod_support.Cobj]
add_file ~pkg_id acc f adds the compilation objects of file f in package pkg_id to acc.
add_inc [Omod.Private.Top]
add_inc dir adds dir to the include path.
announce [Omod.Private]
announce outputs a message indicating omod's toplevel support has been setup.
ansi_tty [Omod.Private.Fmt]
ansi_tty determines whether ANSI formatting is performed or not.
assume_inc [Omod]
assume_inc dir assumes that path dir has been included.
assume_load [Omod]
assume_load is like Omod.load but assumes the corresponding load sequence was already performed.
assume_loads [Omod]
assume_loads is like Omod.loads but assumes the corresponding load sequence was already performed.
assume_obj [Omod]
assume_obj obj assumes that file path obj has been loaded.

cache [Omod_support.Conf]
cache c is c's cache directory.
cache_env [Omod_support.Conf]
cache_env is the environment variable that can be used to define an cache directory.
catch_sys_error [Omod.Private.File]
catch_sys_error f invokes f () and catches any Sys_error that may be raised and returns its message e as Error e.
clear [Omod_support.Cache]
clear conf clears the cache c of configuration conf.
cmos [Omod_ocamlc.Cma]
cmos cma are the cmos contained in the archive.
cmx_deps [Omod_ocamlc.Cmx]
cmx_cmx_deps cmx are the implementations cmx depends on.
cmxs [Omod_ocamlc.Cmxa]
cmxs cmxa are the cmxs contained in the archive.
cobjs [Omod_ocamlc.Cmxa]
cobjs cmxa are C objects files needed for linking.
cobjs [Omod_support.Cobj.Index]
to_cobjs i are the compilation objects of i.
cobjs_by_digest [Omod_support.Cobj.Index]
cobjs_by_digest i are the interface digests of i and the compilation objects they map to.
cobjs_by_name [Omod_support.Cobj.Index]
cobjs_by_name i are the module names of i and the compilation objects they map to.
cobjs_by_pkg_name [Omod_support.Cobj.Index]
cobjs_by_pkg_name i are the package names of i and the compilation objects they map to.
cobjs_for_dep [Omod_support.Cobj.Index]
cobjs_for_iface_digest dep i are the compilation objects of i which satisfy dependency dep.
cobjs_for_dep_res [Omod_support.Cobj.Index]
cobjs_for_dep_res ~variants ~sat ~kind dep i resolves dep in i to a sat satisfying compilation object of kind kind with the following twists: If no kind can be found but a Cmi exists the latter is returned, assuming an mli-only module., If an object is available both as a standalone compilation object and in an archive, only resolutions that mention the archive are returned., If an object is available in multiple variants and variants is not String.Set.empty then variants that do not belong to variants are dropped.
cobjs_for_iface_digest [Omod_support.Cobj.Index]
cobjs_for_iface_digest d i are the compilation objects of i whose interface digest matches d.
cobjs_for_mod_name [Omod_support.Cobj.Index]
cobjs_for_mod_name n i are the compilation objects of i whose module name matches n.
cobjs_for_pkg_name [Omod_support.Cobj.Index]
cobjs_for_pkg_name n i are the compilation objects of i whose package name matches n.
codec [Omod_support.Cache]
codec is a codec for caches.
compare [Omod_support.Pkg]
compare is a total order on packages compatible with Omod_support.Pkg.equal.
compare [Omod_support.Cobj]
compare is a total order compatible with Omod_support.Cobj.equal.
copts [Omod_ocamlc.Cmxa]
copts cmxa are options for the C linker.
custom [Omod_ocamlc.Cma]
custom cma is true if it requires custom mode linking.
custom_cobjs [Omod_ocamlc.Cma]
custom_cobjs are C objects files needed for custom mode linking.
custom_copts [Omod_ocamlc.Cma]
custom_copts are extra options passed for custom mode linking.
cut [Omod.Private.String]
cut ~sep s cuts s on the left and right of the first char sep starting from the left.
cut_ext [Omod.Private.File]
cut_ext f is (fst, snd) the pair that results from cutting the basename of f at the rightmost '.' (not included in the result) before the first Filename.dir_sep.

db [Omod_support.Pkg]
db ~err ~note ~progress ~init pkgs is database init (dfeaults to Map.empty) with packages pkgs added.
db_to_cobj_index [Omod_support.Pkg]
db_to_cobj_index db is a compilatino object with the contents of the packages of db.
db_to_name_db [Omod_support.Pkg]
db_to_name_db db maps package names (rather than identifiers) to their information.
delete [Omod.Private.File]
delete file deletes file file.
diff [Omod_support.Pkg]
diff db sgs is the list of difference between db and package signatures sgs.
digest [Omod_ocamlc.Cmx]
digest cmx is the implementation digest of cmx.
dir_directory [Omod.Private.Top.TOPDIRS]
dir_load [Omod.Private.Top.TOPDIRS]
dir_remove_directory [Omod.Private.Top.TOPDIRS]
dir_use [Omod.Private.Top.TOPDIRS]
dllibs [Omod_ocamlc.Cma]
dllibs are dynamically loaded C libraries for ocamlrun dynamic linking.

edit_distance [Omod.Private.String]
edit_distance s0 s1 is the number of single character edits (insertion, deletion, substitution) that are needed to change s0 into s1.
empty [Omod_support.Cobj.Index]
The type for empty indexes.
equal [Omod_support.Pkg]
equal p0 p1 is true iff p0 and p1 have the same identifiers.
equal [Omod_support.Cobj]
equal c c' tests c and c' for equality (all components must match).
err [Omod_support.Log]
err is like Omod_support.Log.std but formats on Format.err_formatter.
exists [Omod.Private.File]
exists file is true iff file exists and is not a directory.
exts [Omod_support.Cobj]
exts are the file extensions of compilation objects.

faint [Omod.Private.Fmt]
faint formats a string with less contrast.
file [Omod_support.Cache]
file conf is the cache file in configuration conf.
find [Omod.Private.Cmd]
find bins looks for the first binary in bins in PATH.
find_cobjs [Omod_support.Pkg]
find_cobjs ~err ~note ~acc pkg are the compilation objects contained in pkg pkg added to acc (defaults to []).
fold_res [Omod_support.Cobj]
fold_res res f acc folds f with acc over the partial dependency order of res

get [Omod_support.Cache]
get ~err ~note ~progress conf ~force ~trust get the cache of configuration conf, forcing it if force is true and making sure it is fresh unless trust is true, using err to report errors, note to report indexing operations (defaults to Omod_support.Log.nil) and progress to indicate if progress should be reported on note (defaults to false).

help [Omod]
help () prints basic help on stdout.

iface_deps [Omod_ocamlc.DOBJ]
iface_deps o are the interfaces o depends on; without itself.
iface_deps [Omod_support.Cobj]
iface_deps c is c's interface dependencies.
iface_digest [Omod_ocamlc.DOBJ]
iface_digest o is the interface digest of o.
iface_digest [Omod_support.Cobj]
iface_digest c is c's interface digest (if any).
in_archive [Omod_support.Cobj]
in_archive c is true if Omod_support.Cobj.path is an object archive.
info [Omod_support.Pkg]
info ~signature ~cobjs is information for a package.
info_cobjs [Omod_support.Pkg]
info_signature i is the package's compilation objects.
info_signature [Omod_support.Pkg]
info_signature i is the package's signature.
is_kind [Omod_support.Cobj]
is_kind k c is true iff kind c = k.
is_nat [Omod.Private.Top]
is_nat () is true if the current toplevel implementation is ocamlnat.

kind [Omod_support.Cobj]
kind c is c's kind.
kind_of_string [Omod_support.Cobj]
kind_of_string s parses s into a kind.
kind_to_string [Omod_support.Cobj]
kind_to_string k is k as a string.

libdir [Omod_support.Conf]
libdir c is c's library directory.
libdir_env [Omod_support.Conf]
libdir_env is the environment variable that can be used to define a libdir.
list [Omod.Private.Fmt]
list is Format.pp_print_list.
load [Omod]
load ~batch ~silent ~force ~deps ~incs ~init ~dir "M" loads module M and returns true if the load was successful; init files may however have failed to load.
load_ml [Omod.Private.Top]
load_ml ml loads the source file ml.
load_obj [Omod.Private.Top]
load_obj obj loads the object file obj.
loads [Omod_support.Cobj]
loads ~sat ~kind i root_alts resolves the alternative root objects roots root_alts to alternative load sequences of object paths of that have objects of kind kind or Cmis (mli-only modules).
loads [Omod]
loads is like Omod.load but for a list of module specifications.

name [Omod_ocamlc.DOBJ]
name o is the object name of o.
name [Omod_ocamlc.Cmxs]
name cmxs is the archive name of cmxx.
name [Omod_ocamlc.Cmxa]
name cmxa is the archive name of cmxa.
name [Omod_ocamlc.Cma]
name cma is the archive name of cma.
name [Omod_support.Cobj]
name c is c's capitalized module name (more precisely compilation unit name).
nil [Omod_support.Log]
nil is a logging function that drops logging.

of_cobjs [Omod_support.Cobj.Index]
of_cobjs ~init cobjs is an index made of init (defaults to Omod_support.Cobj.Index.empty) and cobjs.
of_dir [Omod_support.Pkg]
of_dir ~err dir are the packages found in dir.
of_string [Omod.Private.File]
of_string file s writes file file with s.

path [Omod_support.Cobj]
path c is c's file path.
path_loads [Omod_support.Cobj]
path_loads c are all the objects that are loaded whenever Omod_support.Cobj.path is loaded (includes c itself).
pf [Omod.Private.Fmt]
pf is Format.fprintf.
pkg_id [Omod_support.Cobj]
pkg_id c is c's package identifier.
pkgs [Omod_support.Cache]
pkgs c is c's package database.
pp [Omod_support.Conf]
pp formats configurations.
pp [Omod_support.Pkg]
pp formats package identifiers.
pp [Omod_support.Cobj]
pp formats a compilation object.
pp [Omod_support.Digest]
pp formats digests.
pp_dep [Omod_support.Cobj]
pp_dep formats a dependency.
pp_diff [Omod_support.Pkg]
pp_diff formats package database differences.
pp_info [Omod_support.Pkg]
pp_info formats package information.
pp_name [Omod_support.Pkg]
pp_name formats the name of package identifiers.
pp_opt [Omod_support.Digest]
pp_opt formats optional digests.
pp_pkg_id [Omod_support.Cobj]
pp_pkg_id formats package identifiers.

read [Omod_ocamlc.DOBJ]
read f reads an object file from f.
read [Omod_ocamlc.Cmxs]
read f reads a cmxs files from f.
read [Omod_ocamlc.Cmxa]
read_cmxa f reads a cmxa file from f.
read [Omod_ocamlc.Cma]
read_cma f reads a cma ile from f.
read [Omod_support.Cache]
read conf is the cache of configuration conf (if any).
read [Omod_support.Codec]
read c file reads a value from file using codec c.
read [Omod.Private.Cmd]
run cmd runs the command cmd and reads its standard input.
rem_inc [Omod.Private.Top]
rem_inc dir removes dir from the include path.
resolve_deps [Omod_support.Cobj]
resolve_deps ~variants ~sat ~kind i roots is a list of resolutions that recursively resolve the dependencies of the alternative root object roots root_alts to compilation objects of kind kind and satisfying sat using the twists of Omod_support.Cobj.Index.cobjs_for_dep_res.
rev_cut [Omod.Private.String]
rev_cut ~sep s cuts s on the left and right of the first char sep starting from the right.
rev_cuts [Omod.Private.String]
run [Omod.Private.Cmd]
run cmd runs the command cmd.

set_topdirs [Omod.Private.Top]
set_topdirs ~is_nat t sets the topdirs implementation to t and indicates with is_nat if this ocamlnat's implementation.
signature [Omod_support.Pkg]
signature ~err pkg is a signature for package pkg.
spec_of_string [Omod_support.Cobj]
spec_of_string s parses a compilation object specification from s.
status [Omod_support.Cache]
status ~err conf c is the status of cache c of configuration conf.
status [Omod]
status () prints what is currently loaded by omod (including assumptions)
std [Omod_support.Log]
std is a logging function that format on Format.std_formatter and prepends messages by the executable basename.
string [Omod.Private.Fmt]
string is Format.pp_print_string.
suggest [Omod.Private.String]
suggest ~dist candidates s are the elements of candidates whose edit distance is the smallest to s and at most at a distance of dist of s (defaults to 2).

time [Omod_support.Log]
time l label f logs the processor time of f () on l.
to_dep [Omod_support.Cobj]
to_dep c is c as an interface dependency.
to_string [Omod.Private.File]
to_string file reads file file to a string.
tty_str [Omod.Private.Fmt]
tty_str ~mode formats string with ANSI mode mode.

ui_compare [Omod_support.Cobj]
ui_compare orders by name, package, variant and path.
update [Omod_support.Pkg]
udpate ~err ~note ~progress db diffs is db updated according to diffs.

v [Omod_support.Cache]
v ~pkgs is a cache with package database pkgs.
v [Omod_support.Conf]
v ~libdir ~cache () is a configuration with given cache and libdir.
v [Omod_support.Cobj]
v is a compilation object with the given parameters, see the documentation of accessors for semantics.
v [Omod_support.Codec]
v ~id is a new codec with identifier id (part of the magic number).
variant [Omod_support.Cobj]
variant c is c's variant.

with_open_in [Omod.Private.File]
with_open_in file f open a channel on file and gives it to f.
with_open_out [Omod.Private.File]
with_open_out file f open a channel on file and gives it to f.
write [Omod_support.Cache]
write conf c writes the cache c of configuration conf.
write [Omod_support.Codec]
write c file v writes value v to file using codec c.