Index of values

base [Otfm.Tag]
The BASE table.

cff [Otfm.Tag]
The CFF table.
cmap [Otfm.Tag]
The cmap table.
cmap [Otfm]
cmap d f acc folds over a mapping from unicode scalar values to glyph ids by reading the cmap table.
compare [Otfm.Tag]
compare t t' is t t'
cvt [Otfm.Tag]
The cvt table.

decoder [Otfm]
decoder src is a decoder decoding from src.
decoder_src [Otfm]
decoder_src d is d's input source.
dsig [Otfm.Tag]
The DSIG table.

ebdt [Otfm.Tag]
The EBDT table.
eblc [Otfm.Tag]
The EBLC table.
ebsc [Otfm.Tag]
The EBSC table.

flavour [Otfm]
decode_flavour d is the flavour of the font decoded by d.
fpgm [Otfm.Tag]
The fpgm table.

gasp [Otfm.Tag]
The gasp table.
gdef [Otfm.Tag]
The GDEF table.
glyf [Otfm.Tag]
The glyf table.
glyf [Otfm]
glyf d loc is the glyph descroption located at loc by reading the glyf table.
glyph_count [Otfm]
glyph_count d is the number of glyphs in the font (bounded by 65535).
gpos [Otfm.Tag]
The GPOS table.
gsub [Otfm.Tag]
The GSUB table.

hdmx [Otfm.Tag]
The hdmx table.
head [Otfm.Tag]
The head table.
head [Otfm]
head d is the head table.
hhea [Otfm.Tag]
The hhea table.
hhea [Otfm]
hhea d is the hhea table.
hmtx [Otfm.Tag]
The hmtx table.
hmtx [Otfm]
hmtx d f acc folds over the horizontal metrics of the font by reading the hmtx table.

is_cp [Otfm]
is_cp i is true if i is an Unicode code point.

jstf [Otfm.Tag]
The JSTF table.

kern [Otfm.Tag]
The kern table.
kern [Otfm]
kern d t p acc folds over the kerning tables of d by reading the kern table.

loca [Otfm.Tag]
The loca table.
loca [Otfm]
loca d gid looks up the location of the glyph with id gid by reading the loca table.
ltsh [Otfm.Tag]
The LTSH table.

maxp [Otfm.Tag]
The maxp table.

name [Otfm.Tag]
The name table.
name [Otfm]
name d f acc folds over the name records of the font by reading the name table.

of_bytes [Otfm.Tag]
of_bytes s is a tag corresponding to s.
of_int32 [Otfm.Tag]
of_int32 t is the tag from and unsigned 32 bits integer.
os2 [Otfm.Tag]
The os2 table.
os2 [Otfm]
os2 d is the OS/2 table.

pclt [Otfm.Tag]
The PCLT table.
post [Otfm.Tag]
The post table.
postscript_name [Otfm]
poscript_name d is the PostScript name of d.
pp [Otfm.Tag]
pp t prints a textual representation of t on ppf.
pp_cp [Otfm]
pp_cp ppf cp prints an unspecified representation of cp on ppf.
pp_error [Otfm]
pp_error ppf e prints an uspecified representation of e on ppf.
prep [Otfm.Tag]
The prep table.

table_list [Otfm]
table_list t is the list of tables of the font decoded by d.
table_mem [Otfm]
table_mem d t is true if table t is in the font decoded by d.
table_raw [Otfm]
table_raw d t is the (unpadded) data of the table t as a string if the table t exists.
to_bytes [Otfm.Tag]
to_string t is the tag as a four byte long string.
to_int32 [Otfm.Tag]
to_int32 t is the tag as an unsigned 32 bits integer.

vdmx [Otfm.Tag]
The VDMX table.
vhea [Otfm.Tag]
The vhea table.
vmtx [Otfm.Tag]
The vmtx table.
vorg [Otfm.Tag]
The VORG table.