Module Qoic.Meta

Image metadata.

type t

The type for image metadata.

val v : color_space -> channels -> w:int -> h:int -> t

v is image metadata with the given parameters. See accessors for semantics.

Raises Invalid_argument if w or h are not in the range of unsigned 32-bit integers.

val w : t -> int

w m is the image width in pixels.

val h : t -> int

h m is the image height in pixels.

val channels : t -> channels

channels m are the image's channels.

val color_space : t -> color_space

color_space m is the image's colorspace.

val pixels_byte_length : t -> int option

pixels_byte_length m is the number of bytes needed to store the pixels of an image described by m. This is None if w m * h m * channel_count (channels m) overflows.

val encodable : t -> bool

encodable m is true iff m can be encoded by Qoic. This just checks that the allocated encoding buffer length does not overflow.

val pp : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> t -> unit

pp ppf m formats an unspecified representation of m on ppf.