Module React.S.Option

module Option: sig .. end

val none : 'a option React.signal
none is S.const None.
val some : 'a React.signal -> 'a option React.signal
some s is ~eq (fun v -> Some v) None, where eq uses s's equality function to test the Some v's equalities.
val value : ?eq:('a -> 'a -> bool) ->
default:[ `Always of 'a React.signal | `Init of 'a React.signal ] ->
'a option React.signal -> 'a React.signal
value default s is s with only its Some v values. Whenever s is None, if default is `Always dv then the current value of dv is used instead. If default is `Init dv the current value of dv is only used if there's no value at creation time, otherwise the last Some v value of s is used.